4 Major types of web hosting your website needs

4 Major types of web hosting your website needs
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When choosing the type of web hosting service that would be compatible with your preferred website it is essential to know which best suits your website and would allow your website to perform efficiently, server hosting can impact your website’s scalability, security, and management, hence it is essential to know which type of hosting hat best fits the website you wish to host, for example, a personal blog with an average monthly visitors of 2,000 would have a different hosting needs compared to a large e-commerce website of say 100,000 monthly visitors, that being said we have enlisted in this article the 4 common types of web hosting most website operators use.


1) VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server)

As the name entails with the virtual private server your website shares a server with other websites although the amount of websites on the server is relatively small; the central server is split into multiple virtual servers, these servers can be customized by individual websites which provide room for your website to perform better and it also provides higher uptime rates which eliminate the fear of a possible crash; VPS hosting is ideal for small and medium businesses who can’t afford a server downtime on their website, more so it can be beneficial to owners who are tech-savvy and wishes to make custom changes on their servers.

2) Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most basic type of hosting commonly used by small websites, As the name suggests websites tend to share resources with other websites on a single server, due to the fact that they are too small to have a server of their own.

It is quite cheap because the resources are shared, invariably making each website on the server to be limited to a particular number of resources as stated on their hosting plan, The major setback to this type of hosting comes in when a website on the server has a traffic spike, it can tend to cause performance issues with other websites on the server, this type of hosting would suffice when you are not expecting 10,000 to 20,000 monthly visitors.

3) WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting optimizes for WordPress as your content management system, WordPress hosting has two types;

Shared WordPress hosting: this has the working structure of shared hosting except WordPress might be pre-installed

Managed WordPress Hosting: this provides more benefits like improved security, server caching, staging and faster loading speed

This hosting is for WordPress users to optimize their WordPress site.

4) Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are regarded as the best choice in web hosting because of their exclusive nature, a server is dedicated to you and you alone, and you enjoy more benefits using this type of server ranging from more uptime and faster speed, a dedicated server you are given the exclusive right to take technical control over the server settings from choosing the software, to configurations and anything else you need.

A dedicated server is ideal for enterprise-level websites expecting a traffic of more than 100,000 monthly visits to produce an equal revenue to afford running and maintain the server, it provides high-level security and exclusive rights to resources but it is relatively expensive, with a dedicated server you are solely responsible for everything.

Ultimately finding the ideal server for your website requirement is very necessary for performance and efficiency, furthermore, if you wish to run your website on affordable shared hosting with a well-structured team that provides top-notch server management services click on the link below