6 Fast and Easy Strategies to optimize Facebook Ads

6 Fast and Easy Strategies to optimize Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads optimization

Facebook Adverts have been a very common digital tool for small and big business owners to help them promote their products and services with fees attached, as easy as it sounds most businesses and people have successfully failed in making good use of this seemingly uncomplicated tool, probably due to lack of proper knowledge on how to, since the infancy of Facebook it has been easy for businesses to advertise on the platform but as time went on it became a highly competitive market considering the number of users and untapped market to be explored resulting to an influx of businesses to market their product and services, therefore to be able to properly optimize the Facebook ad tool one has to be very inventive and smart, so I have made a short and comprehensive list of a few ways you can optimize your Facebook ads and increase your conversions and sales, here are the fast and easy ways to optimize your Facebook ads;

Sales and leads make a happy business

1) Optimize ad time and schedule: we know its a common phenomenon that most people live on social media meaning you can see people online 24/7, but that doesn't mean your ads would do well when it runs at any time of the day, what you have to look out for is the days and time that works best for the particular ad you are about to run, every business has its peak and off-peak hours, your job is to make a detailed research on which days and hours that has more conversions for the lowest cost per action (that means getting more traffic to your ads without having to spend more), you can achieve this by going to your Facebook Ad manager app

· Click on reports

· Use the drop-down menu to pick a day, week, or months

· You can use data from multiple campaigns to get the best time to run your ads across the network

2) A/B test your Ads: This is a perfect tool for evaluating your post or copy to see which performs better, you can achieve this by duplicating your post before publishing and then making slight changes in one, it could be the header, video, images, CTA button (call to action) or placement, by changing one component and running both ads you can cut down the waiting time by knowing which ad performs better early enough, you can do this by going to your Facebook Ad manager.

· Select the ad you wish to test

· Click on more

· Select the A/B test

A/B testing is a very efficient tool, rather than waiting for one campaign to end to see its performance you can quickly see which one out of the two campaigns works best so you can end the other right on its tracks to save you cost.

3) Leveraging On Social Proof: Social proof is one strategy that will help your campaign in ways you never expected, what is social proof? It’s just a fancy term given to the act of showing people that other people are acclimated with your product and services and they are satisfied, and how do you achieve this on Facebook? By having enough engagements, likes, and comments on your ads, humans are communal animals and as such, they can easily relate to a thing that has been used by other humans, hence you should look out for the post that has pretty much more comments, likes, and shares, how do you achieve that? Simple! firstly create content that is worth engaging people, be creative and when you’ve gotten good engagement on that post you then use the button which has been lying in plain sight but has been ignored by many businesses, which is the “Boost existing post”, by boosting a post with good engagements you automatically eliminate the element of doubt about your product or service and give people the impression that people know your product.

social proofing with likes, comments, and shares

4) Location-Based User Targeting: Pay no attention to the fancy term given to this strategy it is quite simple, to use locations to run your ads, for brick and mortar businesses your ads should be centered more on where your business is unearthed this helps you drive more foot traffic to your business location, for an eCommerce business, it would be rather resourceful to create two ads, one should be targeted to a more general audience and the other to your local audience for people who are more likely to patronize you, although the internet has been able to bring people closer virtually most people are still quite skeptical and hold proximity in high regard, with Facebook ads the possibilities are stretched so you can gain leads or sales on your website or page and still get customers to walk through your door.

5) Ads Rotation: The internet has made humans desperate in their search for engaging content and as a result they quickly get bored seeing the same ad too many times, to avoid this it is ideal to create several ads variation with different Facebook ad designs, set up a campaign with multiple ad sets and different ads and schedule every ad to be active on different peak days, by so doing people get to see different ads on different days and your ads won’t seem repetitive, this strategy could be quite high-cost and should be considered when you have the budget for it.

6) Investigate your competition: The majority of the businesses on Facebook have their competitions, needless to say, there are successful competitions, so you could play at the advantage of researching your competition as Facebook has in recent times tried to operate a level of transparency while using people’s data, that’s why each ad published has an option called “why am I seeing this ad”, you can use this to your advantage by;

· Clicking on “Facebook library”

· There you can search for ads

· Search your direct competition

You will be provided with results of ads that they’ve been running the longest, chances are that campaign has been giving them a good ROI (return on investment) so you can see what they did and modify your ads accordingly.

Being able to apply these tools diligently will not only help increase your leads and sales but it would create a reputable name for you and your business, cutting down running costs and building a solid foundation for your business online; You can seek professional help in building your business website to show more credibility and competence by clicking on the link below