Is Artificial Intelligence the new employee?: a dive into the future of jobs.

Is Artificial Intelligence the new employee?: a dive into the future of jobs.
Artificial Intelligence the new assistant

Movies were the only place we could see Robots and AIs working together with humans and in some cases going rogue like in the movie "I robot", nonetheless since the inception of ChatGBT in November 2022 it has become evident that the Science fiction of robotics could be a reality shortly and its impact could be both positive or negative depending on where you are standing intellectually. Could AI be the new employers' choice? let's make a mild argument about the possible impacts of this development on the current human workforce;


The idea of an AI chatbot that could virtually write a human essay accurately without the help of any human has raised lots of concerns, spanning from its effect on school work and inherent cheating if students were to get a hold of it, notwithstanding most cooperate institutions have adopted the use of this chatbot to help optimize their proficiency in work and shortening the production time.

Humans and AI

Humans since we can be brilliant and in some cases dedicated to our jobs, we have our flaws and limitations which of course is the reason why we are humans, from being easily fatigued to being unable to process multiple tasks quickly, efficiently, and simultaneously such loopholes are not associated with AIs because as machines they don't experience stress if properly maintained they can work long hours (which humans can't without seeking an added pay bonus). They can process tasks quickly as experienced with the chatbot.

AI provides employers with the unique advantage of having more amount of work done with a little amount to be paid (Cheap Labor), following the recent trends of layoffs that have been made by big tech companies like Microsoft, Twitter, Meta, and google which has raised concerns surrounding the future of jobs of humans in the tech space which could easily spill over to other sectors and has further illustrated that the birth of AI could be the death of human jobs, but concerns have been raised as to the role humans play in programming these AIs which further makes it hard to entirely discard the importance of the human factor in the creation process of artificial intelligence, a 2021 article on new york times revealed that A.I. called Codex was able to write it's on codes excellently as stated by Mr cade "Codex seemed like a technology that would soon replace human workers. As Mr. Smith continued testing the system, he realized that its skills extended well beyond a knack for answering canned interview questions. It could even translate from one programming language to another." such scary revelations came barely a year before the birth of ChatGBT.


As rightly stated by Cal Newport in his book titled "DEEP WORK", the labor market will go through a drastic change that would only be beneficial to a handful of people, The superstars, the founders, and the experts,

The Superstars: as the name suggests are those who are well known in their field and are extremely good at what they do and can't be easily replaced by machines, pretty much that one person that has the connection to achieve the job that could be handled by a group of people, which in turn cuts down on the cost of production and the presence of too many hands on one job, to be a superstar in your field you have to exert a level of deep work and training to climb up the ladder and gain the wide range acceptance and respect of potential employers.

The Founders: They are the people with the money, the CEOs, and the big cooperations that can afford the machines (artificial Intelligence included), they won't suffer the fate of those the machines will replace because they own the machine, so as a human one way to be shielded from the impending doom of the labor force is to be a capitalist, what better way to beat the machine than owning it as an entrepreneur and making it work for you.

The Experts: The programmers that create the artificial intelligence, the engineers that know how to maintain and operate these machines won't stand a risk of losing their jobs because they are as important as the machines, Thus making them relevant to the labor force regardless of what becomes of the future, consequently it is ideal for humans to learn this machine languages and groom yourselves to be very skillful in that niche to guarantee you an edge when the said era comes.

Ultimately artificial intelligence has proven to be an astounding development in the tech space notwithstanding the skepticism surrounding its viability, it is salient to become acquainted with it and to be attuned with the skills needed to network the spheres of artificial intelligence.